I am secretly enough familiar
With stranger in the mirror
I always deny to identify
Hesitate to introduce…

I know you are me,
My authentic self
I know you are in quest
For my inner treasure.

The conflicts between us,
Will always be there.
Silent for silence
Thanks for support and kindness.

Better to stay together
Today and forever.
You are my inspiration
Spicy, sweet or bitter.

I acknowledge your affection
Embrace you with dignity
Will never leave me alone
Strangely familiar my reflection.

103 thoughts on “Self reflection

      1. You write very well.
        I am no good at poetry. (nor prose for that matter)
        I had a University prof once who said,
        “Poetry is literature condensed”
        I will neer forget that day she said that.
        Might not have been an orig quote from her, bu to me, she said it to my ears first.


      2. Thank you.😊
        Well, I am not a pro writer and even not familiar with any form of poetry or verse. I just write…
        And keep writing… whatever comes in my mind.
        I think all the inspirations come from the universe.

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  1. Appropriate for each reader at any and every stage of life, and worthy of review when and if later stages arrive and the value has changed, perhaps increasing along the way. So many would have been consumed by its depth if they had read and understood it at an earlier stage in life. Selah.


      1. Watch for a pattern in random thoughts and you’ll recognize that they often have a deeper truth than you may have believed while typing them. Not always. Just sometimes. But you need to step outside of the YOU that typed them and read them fully objectively.


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