Way to your way

No not possible don’t ever this say

 keep trying to find out your own way.

Standing between your present and your dreams you many time feels that they are too difficult to achieve.

Yeah, not so easy. 

It is not hard to make your dreams true, hard is to take an initiative towards your dream. 

This first step to your success needs a lot of risk and confidence. 

You can find a number of ways to your dreams, you have to take the way that straightly comes from your heart and reach to your dream. 

This is the best way to get what you want.

An ambitious person create his own way, a new way to reach his dreams. 

Such type of people gives inspiration to others. 

No matter on which way you are riding, it is your best way if it ends on your dream. 

Now, go to your another dream. 

Always keep dreaming. 

Always explore new ways, new horizons.

Thank you!


Dare to desire

A very popular way to live your life happier is to live your dreams. We all have many dreams, no matter they can be fulfilled or not. But we can’t stop dreaming. 

People share their dreams with their families and friends. They enjoys all their achievement with their loved ones. 

A thing comes beyond your dreams is your imagination, fantasy and your desires. 

Even you know that these desires can’t be fulfilled but your never stop to think about them.

You can tell others all your dream but not about all your desires.

Saying about your fantasies & desires is not necessary, not at all. That is all about your choice. 

First of all, we should identify our desires and the next important thing to accept those. 

You must have dare to accept your all desires. Those may be right or wrong for others but you have to understand them. 

Your acceptance for your desires helps you in identifying what actually you are? 

Even if you can’t meet to your desires but they can lead you in changing your life just by the change in your viewpoint. 

Good or bad, right or wrong but your desires are integral part of your life & attitude. 

You can’t run away from it. So, just go ahead and accept all things about you. 

You are not only person who have some different type desires. 

Dare to accept yourself.

Respect your emotions. 

Live with you desires. 

Thank you friends!


Sitting lazy, 

A boring summer day, 

Some irritating sounds, 

Not anything new. 

Being very calm, i am trying to find out the reason of some whys??

The answer of these questions are not so important for me, but i am interested to know. 

Such as;

  • Why i feel uncomfortable among a number of people?
  • Why my friends are very less in number?
  • Why i realize that  nobody can understand me?
  • Why am not happy however i have everything i need?
  • Why can’t i trust on people?
  • Why i losing interest in my day to day life?


I am not only one who living her life in analyzing these things. I find it very hard to understand. 

But i realized this is not any type mental illness or any sign of sickness.

This is a very common criteria. This depends on the way you think and the challenges you facing in your life. But mainly it depends on your personality traits, if you are feeling the same thing that means you don’t need to be worry.

If you are doing same, you have to develop some new passion and interests. 

You don’t need a lot of people in your life, few loving, caring and trusted people are enough for you to be happy.

You can be your best friend. You are the only person who know you better. You know what is good or bad in you. 

So you don’t need others opinion in identifying your qualities. 

First of all, you have to learn being happy with yourself.

If you know everything about you, i bet you will be happy with every person and in every situation in your life. 

Thank you!

Chasing my fear..

In order to be fearless, i constantly facing my fears. I am not a chicken- hearted person but many times i feel frightened. 


  • I am insecure about my future.
  • I have fear of losing something or someone.
  • I am not so mentally strong.
  • I am fighting with my own immature emotions.
  • I am facing challenge from my inner negativity.

In actual, we all face these kinds of fear in our day to day life. We lives in a world which is full of insecurities but our inner insecurity is superior. 

Our fear mostly resists us for doing various things which we can, if we conquer them.

What we want to achieve is only one step far of us.

Being fearless is not easy but also not so difficult. We have to think beyond our insecurities. 

You have to focus on your possibility to be successful. If you will keep your all attention on your Target you would haven’t time for thinking about these fears.

A confident step towards your goal makes your fear very least. 

Thank you!

Thankful to god…

I am very thankful to you god for everything you give me.

You made me happy whenever i was sad.

You gave me a ray of hope when i feel disappointed.

You was always by my side when nobody was there.

I really thankful to you god for everything i have, but also for what you didn’t gave me because you know what is better for me. 

You better know my needs, desires and my dreams. 

Whenever  you didn’t gave me what i want, i always ask to you “Why”.

But you always reply me with more better things than i wish. 

You really know what is good for me. I don’t need to be worry about myself.

Thank you god for being with me. I always need you in every situation, in every day & at every single moment of my life.

Thank you!

Alone but happy…

Feeling alone among crowd is a very common phenomenon. This feeling makes people sad because they thinks that there is nobody who cares about them.

We all usually feels this many time in our life. Actually, we expect a lot of things from others and if those expectations are nof fulfilled it depress us. 

It is adviced that you need a friend, family or any loved one to be happy. But everyone is not so lucky in this world, especially those who are alone or being cheated by someone. 

Sometimes,we meet such type of people those gives us bad experiences. This makes us to feel that loneliness is better than being with wrose people. 

This drives us to enjoy our own company, we know ourself better than somebody else. Thats is true. 

To be lonely is not a big problem, the main problem is in dealing with your changing emotions. 

Best way to deal with your loneliness is to think about the things that makes you happy. Simply learn to stand for yourself and to utilize your this loneliest time in exploring your hidden traits that may lead you in making your life happy. 

It is a very good opportunity for you to refresh your mind and to nourish your soul with some new exciting ideas. 

Thank you!

Easy to be happy….

Happiness, a simple word easy to speak but difficult to find out its real meaning.

Meaning of happiness may be different for different persons. The happiness of one person may not be same to other.

Some people in the world creates happiness for others. It is not easy to be happy but also not so difficult.

Our happiness is not in what we do, but in what we want to do. 

Real happiness is not in doing what others want,but in doing what we want to de. 

We always keeps doing the things that others are doing. We resists us to do most things we like just because others don’t like them.”

Real happiness is in living your life with yourself. You don’t need all expensive and luxury things, you just need a peaceful place, a loving person and a better sleep to be happy.

People are not happy with their life because they never shows their real personality. They persent themselves as others supposed to be by them.

In this way, they hide their emotions & passion. 

This makes them depressed and the game over. 

You just need to be yourside to be happy. You must learn to say NO to the things that you never want to do. 

This is not necessary to do  that things because everyone is doing same. 

Your path may be different & difficult but it always makes you happy.

Thank you!