Society or self-identity

“What people will say….”

“Do it because others are doing”

“Don’t do this, this will spoil our reputation”

We all have been hearing such phrases since childhood. This is the society that stands behind us or we stand behind it. That’s doesn’t matter, but surely it matters for us.

This is not easy to live against the society’s wish. But I know many people who did and later that society appreciated them for their act.

This is just a perception “what people will think” but in actual people don’t have time for it unless you tell them your plans.

Society’s wish is not obligation but self-realization is must.”

If you have fear of society in doing something, then remember even if you don’t do anything, they surely will blame you to do nothing.

Hence, If you think you are right at your, then don’t care about the society. Don’t lose a chance to make your life better because of them.

If you are feeling disturbed by people around you, raise your living standard instead of self change.

Thank you!


Evil attracts devil

Have you ever thought:-

  • Why some people have positive and some have negative thoughts for you?
  • Why you are too close to your friends?
  • Why you hate strongly, the person you don’t know much about?
  • Why you feel attraction for a stranger?

Every person have different attributes both good and bad types. Some people notice your good qualities while others bad, so they keep different opinions for you.

Our friends are our best mate because we all have somewhat same characteristics.

You hate or feel disturbed by a person, perhaps he/she has traits different from you.

You feel attracted towards a stranger apart from personality and look, It can be their inner power or energy, positive or negative, complementary for you.

Sometimes, we complain that people have been changed or goodness has been lost among us; but this is not true at all.

Whenever, you feel broken or disappointed you attract negativity. Hence, you encounter with more negative people and situations.

We have everything within us. This is your outlook that decides what will you get.

Think positive, be positive.’

This is the bestest solution for all problems. So, Be positive and attract god towards you.

Thank you!

Way to your way (Revisited)

In my post Way to your way , I wrote that you have to create your own you way to fulfill your dreams.

They best way is that straightly comes from your heart and ends at your dream.

But how?

(For traditional occupations)

Now, you have two choice:-

1) Create a totally new way,

2) break/modify the existing way

1) Completely new way:-When you have great knowledge of recent trends and future demands. You are ready to take risks, stand alone and have full confidence on your vision.

2) Break/modify the existing way:- When you know the existing method of working is not enough or you aren’t comfortable with it. You want to make it more easier and convenience.

(For art or talent based career)

Here, you can do the same as mentioned above but you should be more careful If you want to be an artist because you have to engage with more people.

  • Practice. This is the key to make yourself better in the desired field.
  • Social circle. You should meet more people, should have a charismatic personality and communication.
  • Attitude. Act as you have done and achieved more than people think.

At the end, I must want to say that nobody will consider you capable or successful unless you call yourself.


If you think you’ll call yourself successful after winning all the struggles, then you are wrong. It will remain with you lifetime and you have to fight with it to secure your achievements.

Hence, work for self- development and improve yourself for self betterment.

Thank you!

We’ll discuss more on this topic in my next posts.


Expand the vision

Birds can’t fly with closed wings.

We often talk seriously on major problems around us. Our youth facing the challenge from unemployment. They have no job, no career.

On the other side, people having job aren’t quite satisfied, they take their work as burden.

The reason behind this is the choice of unsuitable career.

I do personally feel that there is no shortage of job or human resources. But people usually take improper decisions in context of career.

This is because we don’t know about a lot of areas where we can make our career as we want.

You just need to expand your vision. You can’t feel fresh air If the window is closed. You have to open the window of your brain then you’ll get more than you think.

In my next post, we shall discuss this more deeply. I hope this would help us a lot.


Thank you!

Just a moment

Life is full of moments, memories and experiences. You want to remember or forget some of them. But you have to live with all of them.

The outcome of your actions somewhere affects you and your life. People often take some unwanted decisions in such situations.

Actually, this is just a moment in which they decide.

A moment of weakness :-

When you think, “nothing is left in life”, ” I have lost all”, “no hope at all”.

Standing on height to jump. Closed eyes. Ready to take first & last step, At the edge…

A moment for strength:-

You need a moment for strength to think, ” this is not the wrost thing”, “no end at all”, “every problem has a solution”, “never give up” etc.

At the edge…. opened eyes and took back your step. Irregular heart beats but feeling safe. Relaxing breathe.

This all was just a moment, nothing else. If you finished at weakness, it is ‘the end’ But if you feel strong this is a ‘new start’.

Thank you!

Passion vs. distraction

Human brain has limitless capacity but needs rest for rejuvenation. People usually follow their hobbies to reduce stress and feel fresh.

The time you have for yourself is very important. You can utilize it efficiently while trying to eliminate fatigue.

Passion: you did+learned+enjoyed+feeling great.

Distraction: you did+learned+enjoyed+feeling regret.

In simple words, you enjoyed an act, found it useful and want to do again and again. This is passion.

On the other side, you enjoyed your act, want to do it frequently but every time you feel regretful for wastage of time. That means you are distracted by that work.

Hence, think about the result/lesson of your work and try to utilize your time in more interesting manner.

Thank you!

Difficult decisions

Decision making is very interesting. Decision making about daily routine is easier than taking decision on life, career and relationships.

It becomes more difficult when you have to choose between

  • Your want and need
  • Your & your family’s wish
  • Your passion and a well settled career
  • Your love and parents
  • Your ego and relations

In simple words, both are important for you or you want both but this is not possible in real. You can’t live without one and the other is your necessity.


  • Think if I don’t do this… Instead of if I do this.. then what….?
  • Shall I need this in future, if I leave it today?
  • Shall I be able to get this back?
  • If quitting for other’s happiness, how long it would remain?
  • Will this be helpful for long time?
  • At last, I have full confidence on my decision. I’ll never let it be wrong.

Don’t doubt on your decisions, prove them right with your wisdom and efforts.

Thank you!