My silly thoughts

Thoughts have specific place in our life. We can leave everything except thinking. However, this is not essential to think seriously every time.

I also have some imaginations which you can perceive as my weird, silly or random musings.

  • I am kinda lazy person, the first thought comes to my mind in every morning is-“ I have to wait for hours to sleep again.”
  • Whenever I face rush, I do think- “why can’t others stop walking to make my way easy?”
  • I wish I could extrude products directly from television commercials.
  • I want to adjust weather according to my convenience.

Yesterday I was thinking-“what If my family kick out me from the house?”

Whatever I wrote, is just my personal opinion.

If you also have such funny insights, please share with us through comments or mail.


Thank you!


Neglected necessity

We all have at least one priority in our life. We keep it on the top and do everything for that. Sometimes, we forget other important aspects of life.

We ignore study for enjoyment, career for friends, family for career, friends for special one and so on.

This is because that one particular thing fascinate us more than others. We think others are annoying or prevent us to do our act.

Every relation, person and thing has its importance in our life. It can be more or less comparatively but we often avoid them.

However, it shouldn’t be done. You just need to give your attention and time for them. This will help you in strengthening your relations.

You will feel more glad, confident, positivity and blessed.

Thank you!

Limit the excess

Human needs, desires and thinking power are limitless while human body and other useful things have limits.

Hard work pays great but excessive hard work can be a reason of many physical and mental problems.

Work with your full strength but not over the limit. Love or tease others but not more than righteous.

A glass has confine place to store water, extra water means overflow.

Excess of thoughts, wants and feelings is a dangerous thing. So, maintain an appropriate pace and set some definite standards for your actions.

Don’t forget to take a break for yourself from yourself. Don’t try to control everything/everyone. Keep your life as simple as it can be.

Take your life as an opportunity of growth and happiness not as a burden.

Thank you!

Passion vs. distraction

Human brain has limitless capacity but needs rest for rejuvenation. People usually follow their hobbies to reduce stress and feel fresh.

The time you have for yourself is very important. You can utilize it efficiently while trying to eliminate fatigue.

Passion: you did+learned+enjoyed+feeling great.

Distraction: you did+learned+enjoyed+feeling regret.

In simple words, you enjoyed an act, found it useful and want to do again and again. This is passion.

On the other side, you enjoyed your act, want to do it frequently but every time you feel regretful for wastage of time. That means you are distracted by that work.

Hence, think about the result/lesson of your work and try to utilize your time in more interesting manner.

Thank you!

Difficult decisions

Decision making is very interesting. Decision making about daily routine is easier than taking decision on life, career and relationships.

It becomes more difficult when you have to choose between

  • Your want and need
  • Your & your family’s wish
  • Your passion and a well settled career
  • Your love and parents
  • Your ego and relations

In simple words, both are important for you or you want both but this is not possible in real. You can’t live without one and the other is your necessity.


  • Think if I don’t do this… Instead of if I do this.. then what….?
  • Shall I need this in future, if I leave it today?
  • Shall I be able to get this back?
  • If quitting for other’s happiness, how long it would remain?
  • Will this be helpful for long time?
  • At last, I have full confidence on my decision. I’ll never let it be wrong.

Don’t doubt on your decisions, prove them right with your wisdom and efforts.

Thank you!

No destiny without destination

The concept of destiny, fate or luck is real or not I don’t know. But i have strong believe in work with objective.

Life is like a journey and you have to set a target(an aim) and several milestones(goals) to create your own destiny.

Fate is the outcome of efforts, good or bad depends on your action.”

Today’s good act would bring a better tomorrow.

You can’t sit idle and expect a bright future on the basis of luck.

Nothing will come to you own if you are not working passionately to achieve. You are the creator of your destiny. So, believe in yourself not in fate.

Hence, rely on hard work and your wisdom. If you don’t have any target, you will never get a desired happy life.

Thank you!

Show off honestly

You have desire of being appreciated, want to be more attractive than others.

For this, you put a lot of efforts, spend a good amount of money, follow latest trends and the most important thing:-

You represent yourself as others want to see you or appreciate you. They call it your attitude, personality or show-off.

“Outer look or show off should be complementary not contradictory with your thoughts and inner soul.”

Be smart, charming, unique and attractive but with your originality. Don’t push yourself into something which you don’t want to....

Keep a smile of confidence on you face. Shine with your positivity. Show off what you are in actual. Reflect your determination in your bright eyes.

Thank you!