Willingly or unknowingly, we all have adopted many bad addiction, routine and behavioral patterns.

Despite being aware about their impact and consequences we do not think seriously about such habits or simply ignore them.

Addictions arduous to afford,

Disastrous as double edged sword.”

They will either destroy or agitate us for any misdeed regarding self or others.

It’s better to keep our eyes on and take oath to relinquish such thoughts and actions.

Thank you.

27 thoughts on “Slayer swear

  1. I believe the saying, “mind over matter” is good to ponder upon in dealing such scenarios in life. I, too had my encounters; especially on previous toxic relationships and other lifestyle habits that won’t do any good in the long run. It’s a matter of time until you realize your faults by having a strong & willed-mind to be woke and let go of bad habits.


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