Hide and seek


Hidden behind shadow

Of sorrow


Hidden behind tears

Of pain


Hidden behind mask

Of illusion


Hidden behind stars

Of sky

Life & me

Me & life

Both are playing

Hide and seek

Unending game

No bonus points

No victory….

Just challenges

Defeat in triumph

Triumph in defeat

Still playing

‘Hide and seek’


Quest of life (poetry)

(Not for perfection seeker)

Life endeavors,

Quest a place,

To survive.

Swirled thoughts,

Stagnanted moments,

Arduous to decide.

Restless comforts,

Delightful lament,

Deceased to revive.

Life endeavors,

Quest a dwelling,

To secure fear.

Tangled desires,

Deceitful shadow,

Anonymous terror.

Echoes of silence,

Serenity among vocalic,

Solitude ensure.

Life endeavors,

Quest a place,

Full of effulgence.

Thank you.