Goal of the life

What the goal of our life should be?

I hope you all have many things to achieve, many targets to hit & many goals to accomplish.

I also have many things in my to do list. With the help of them I am slowly moving forward to achieve my ultimate aim.

{A peaceful life}

I think we all have right to decide our priorities apart from pre-defined standards.

We all have:-

Freedom to act

Freedom to ask

Freedom to choose

Freedom to decide


Freedom to live

( What is your ultimate aim of life and how are you reaching there?)

Thank you.

Hidden treasure

We all are surrounded by






Many more questions.

We humans are always curious to know everything. We always look for answers but sometimes we feel it difficult to figure out them.

I know, it is hard to believe but

“Every question has answer.”

The answer to every question is somewhere around us or within us. If we are still not aware about them it simply means we aren’t at the right path or it will take time to come.

Wait for the right moment and

Keep repeating.

Keep reciting.

Thank you.