Break the boundary

We all live in a world having different traditions, rituals and etiquettes. They all were made for a Disciplined and convenient life.

They all are very significant but few of them aren’t acceptable as the lifestyle and requirements of people are changing. Many people accept, few oppose and some modify such standards according to their needs.

But the question is-

If something is not for good, why do we follow it?

Why it takes decades or more for any revolutionary change?

We follow many things unintentionally or under pressure of society, family or people.


Because we have become habitual to it… (Maybe)

“Restrictions imposed from outside, manipulate decision-making capacity inside.”

Yes, that’s true.

“Boundaries & limitations survive in the world existed inside people.”

Many of us do not have dare to cross such boundaries or break these barriers because we have to fight first from own fear & insecurities.

So, it’s your decision how you deal with it.

Thank you!


A change for change

Life is genuinely not difficult

We do often make it complicated.

Life is a reflection of your thoughts and actions. It pays back what you give to your life. If you nurture life with goodness and positivity, surely you’ll get back positive outcomes.

We have own criteria to see the things happening in and around the life. Especially when it is not good or expected.

We usually say “why with me?” but what if we think like “with me, why?”

Only three words, but have totally different meaning and perspective.

Why with me?

This reflects negativity, pain, depression, stress, irritation, anger, grief, frustration and pessimistic thoughts.

With me, why?

This may or may not be absolute positive but here is possibility to grasp a different viewpoint to identify the hidden reasons behind.

If you become succeed, you can take corrective measures or learn a good lesson for lifetime.

It’s the time to change our attitude and perception to make life easier.

“Embrace the change that can change your life.”

Thank you!

A step for life

How easy is this to say:-

forget the past & move forward.”

Look forward.”

Leave the past, think about the next.”

This is really difficult to forget some bitter incidents and experiences in life. We know this has been happened and we can’t change it.

We try hard to move forward in life but something pulls us back.


Normally, human takes more time to forget such awful memories because of:-

1) Fear

2) Obstinate mindset

3) Resist of changes

Fear :-

Human feel insecure after facing contradictory situations. They have fear of taking wrong decisions as they took in the past. They do not want to face such difficulties again. This fear prevents them from moving forward.

Obstinate mindset :-

When people hardly accept their mistakes and the outcome of their actions. Such people prefer to blame others and circumstances instead of moving forward. They keep focus on justifying their acts.

Resist of change :-

Many unexpected things come from the changes. People mostly fail to understand the reasons behind occurrences. They take time to grasp everything.

However, The tendency of understanding this is different in every person. Everyone has ability to come out from such difficulties and challenges.

Confidence, self-trust and positive attitude will surely give you power to move forward.

Thank you!