Do it yourself (Revisited)

In the post Do it yourself it is said,


It is not just an attitude but also a key to success in life.

‘Do it yourself’ mindset makes you feel more confident and reduces the tendency of dependency on others for the accomplishment of many important tasks.

“Start everything with Do it yourself mindset. You’ll never face failure in your life.”

Life is made to experience and explore every new thing. Keep learning new tasks, processes and activities.

Thank you!

High thinking, high living

In our childhood days teachers taught us- “simple living & high thinking.”

Our elders and ancestors are living their life in such a way since decades. They have believe in hard work. They feel satisfied if they earn limited coins and don’t have everything that you need for a luxurious life.

Is it right to follow this rule?

Many of us will say “yes”.

Now, I am trying to explore the other side of this quote.

Why should think high?

I do feel that nobody can be satisfied in the life. We always keep a long wishlist to be fulfilled. If we got one thing then we do attempt for the next. This is a continuous process.

We can’t get anything without thinking about that & we always want the things higher than what we already have.

“Only high thinking can motivate you to do everything that you need to live a desired life.”

“If you are satisfied with everything you have, there is nothing to do in your life.”

Sorry but this is true.

Without thinking high you are just surviving, not living your life.

Life is full of adventures but you should have dare to jump into it.

Thank you.

Way to your way (Revisited)

In my post Way to your way , I wrote that you have to create your own way to fulfill your dreams. The best way is which straightly comes from your heart and ends at your dream.

But how?

(For traditional occupations)

Now, you have two choice:-

1) Create a totally new way,

2) break/modify the existing way

1) Completely new way:-When you have great knowledge of recent trends and future demands. You are ready to take risks, stand alone and have full confidence on your vision.

2) Break/modify the existing way:- When you know the existing method of working is not enough or you aren’t comfortable with it. You want to make it more easier and convenience.

(For art or talent based career)

Here, you can do the same as mentioned above but you should be more careful If you want to be an artist because you have to engage with more people.

  • Practice. This is the key to make yourself better in the desired field.
  • Social circle. You should meet more people, should have a charismatic personality and communication.
  • Attitude. Act as you have done and achieved more than people think.

At the end, I must want to say that nobody will consider you capable or successful unless you call yourself.


If you think you’ll call yourself successful after winning all the struggles, then you are wrong. It will remain with you lifetime and you have to fight with it to secure your achievements.

Hence, work for self- development and improve yourself for self betterment.

Thank you.