Ideal reaction

“Always keep a smile on your face.”

Never trust on strangers.”

Be helpful for everyone.”

Never tell a lie.”

Don’t be angry.”

And so on many things, our elders taught us as religious, behavioural, social and general manners or etiquettes.

These all are acceptable but not applicable in every situation.

How you react in a particular situation, should be appropriate accordingly.

Although, this is not possible to teach others or learn from others. Because each circumstance is different in its own way.

you should feel more responsible with your actions because you can’t blame others for them.

Thank you!


Keep it justified

Life is unfulfilled without getting assistance or helping others. It can be of different types but have great impact on life.

‘Promise for help’ is not just a statement but it is a ‘ray of hope’ or commitment for the person needed. Hence, promise-making should be justified and genuine.

A fake promise not only hurts another person but can also ruin your professional impression.

Even it can make you feel depressed or regretful.

If you are not able to keep your words, avoid them to say.

Make sure you’ll fulfill your all assurances made to others, if not, you or your personal advantage should not be the reason for it.

Avoid making unnecessary promises. Instead of promise, act your best and keep your all stress away.

Thank you!

Simply ordinary

People usually think that they need a special talent or quality to be successful. Because most of the successful people have specific talent or trait.

Hence, ordinary people think that they can’t fulfill their dreams. They don’t have a particular attribute like others.

Black colour doesn’t have various shades, but reflects a lot of meaning more than other colours.

This is ordinary but can make many special combinations.

Ordinary people can also create their destiny with an extraordinary idea. You can limit your outer features and traits but not your mind and inner strength.

Stop thinking;

“I wish i could….”

I wish i had….”

You are/ you can/ you have…..

This is the reality.

Thank you!

Defeat the failure

In my post, Failure is not a nightmare I wrote that being failure is not rare. This is a proof of your attempt.

But, failure is not an end. You can beat failure if you Know the exact reason behind it. You can either work again on it or change your course of action.

If the reason of your failure is a lack of-efforts, resources, confidence or any other factor, you have a chance to fix it.

But if you haven’t such ability and potential…..

You don’t have needed skills but still want to live your dreams. This is possible. You just need to explore other ways.

Failure doesn’t mean lack of opportunities, but has a lack of Outlook.”

In simple words, you can live your passion when you know more than single way to reach there.

Thank you!

Beyond reality

Reality and imagination both are an important part of life. Reality is what exists within and around us, needed for easy decision-making in life.

Imagination is an absolute act of brain. As said ‘building castles in the air’ have no use. You are advised to dream on the ground of reality.

Imagination is the starting point of a fresh innovation.”

Imagination needs new vision and creative ideas for turning it into reality.

Reality comes beyond imagination but beyond reality, imagination brings a totally different reality, that has never knew Before.”

Hence, imagination is very helpful for all of us. If it is possible to make it true, that means you are going to discover and create something new.

Thank you!

Socially apathetic 

Human is regarded as ‘social creature’ because they meet frequently to share their information, emotions and achievements.

However, some people feel it difficult to befriend with others. They avoid sharing their concern and thoughts. They called as ‘introvert’.

Social connection is very important for self- development. It makes you socially aware about what is going on around you. 

If you don’t want to interact more, reply them politely in less words. Don’t give them a chance to call you ‘rude‘.

 If you will avoid them all time, it would affect your social image adversely. So, if you are not interested in them just say excuse and leave from there. 

Thank you!


Obsession of passion

Addiction, obsession or passion used to signify a person’s excessive inclusion into the acts that they have utmost desire to do. They can never say ‘no’ for their addicting acts. 

Strong determination is mandatory to achieve expected results and it is not bad to be addictive with your work. But obsession may be a reason of depression because a happy life seeks an appropriate balance between rest and stress. 

 Desire of being addicted for the obsession of passion, distracts inner peace, desperates anxiety and stimulate causes of depression.”

Follow your passion but keep secure you some time for yourself, family and relaxation. 

Enjoy a peaceful life, feel refreshed after the rest and live your passion without any restless obsession.  

Thank you!