Praise the Lord

Work hard with dignity

Affirmations to grace,

Praise the Lord

Trust the universe.

Intrude into null infinity

Embrace the peace,

Praise the Lord

Trust the universe.

Live life with positivity

Throughout the space,

Praise the Lord

Trust the universe.

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Causes behind happening

Why this happened to me?

Why I am feeling weird around somebody?

Why something irritates me?

When we do not get response from the universe according to our wish, we start blaming circumstances or people around for it.
Many people say it was their destiny or The god wants this for them.

“I do not believe in luck or destiny but I strongly believe that there is a cause behind every happening.”

We win or lose, meet several people, face many challenges in our lifetime.

But why?

Yes, why…

“Identify the ‘Why’ behind every ‘Is’ & unveil lots of opportunities floating within universe.”

The day when we’ll understand this, A new world full of hopes, believe and dreams will embrace us.

Thank you.