Rigid vs. Flexible

A proper balance of rigidity and flexibility is needed in life. Be stable on your decisions but also keep secure a place to adopt further changes.

Rigidity makes you feel more stronger, confident and motivated. This is the reflection of your inner strength- how strongly you can deal with the difficulties.

Flexibility, however is not the opposite of stability. This is:-

” I know….. I am sure…… But this is not bad to listen/understand others. This can be much better….”

In simple words, you are ready to learn and embrace new things.


Rigidity:- being stable on your thoughts, perception and decisions.

Flexibility:- being aware of changes & having dare to accept them.

We all have both characteristics but only few of us know how to employ them. People who use both efficiently, they generally have an effective personality.

Thank you!


Neither faith nor fear

Neither faith nor fear

Where hope exists,

The God is there.

People usually have faith on or fear of god. We don’t know god personally, never met him, but still believe in his existence.


That comes from our religious beliefs, guidance of elders and the stories we have been listening since childhood.

We pray daily or whenever we need some spiritual guidance.


We feel scared from terrible dreams, unexpected incidents, past actions, and upcoming events.

The fear comes from the concept of sins, devil, hell and punishment for immoral acts.

“Believe and hope both are crucial for life. Hope is needed to be live and believe makes the hope a reason to live.”


For those who believe, hope is an another name of god. We do start every new day with a little hope, live with a hope and wait for a day that will bring something especial.

The God consider about your fear or faith, I don’t know. but I am pretty sure If you work with pure dedication and determination, the god will fill your life with his love and blessings.

Thank you!

Happiness forever

Sadness addiction (Revisited)

In sadness addiction, I wrote:-

“You can’t control your problems but can control the amount of your attention towards them.”

Just removal of sadness doesn’t ensure the happiness. You can never be happy If you associate your happiness with:-

  • Your achievements
  • Other’s actions
  • Expectations of self or others
  • Negative happening (loss/harm of others)
  • Out of reach luxuries

If you get what you want or someone fulfilled your expectations, you can be happy for a while but not forever.

You can be happy forever if you:-

  • Make yourself and others free from expectations
  • Remove conditions for being happy
  • Choose forgiveness instead of anger and revenge.
  • Give equal importance to the world exists inside you ( Mind, heart,soul and physical body) like this outer world.
  • Don’t try to control everything/everyone around you.
  • Have learned the tactics of let the things go and move on.

Never depend on the others or few objects for your happiness. Do everything what makes you happy.

Never hesitate to say ‘no’. The people who really care for you would never mind, but If they do that means your happiness & decision doesn’t matter for them.

Never feel bad if someone criticize or hurt you. This is a part of life.

Whenever you feel extreme grief or depression, suppose you are a free soul wandering around freely.

Just as a soul, what you need to be happy?

………… Only peace & peace.

Thank you!