Do it yourself

“This work is very risky.”

“Think again before start.”

“Possibility of loss.”

“Can’t do it.

“Nobody ever did this.”

“May god help you.”

How many times we face such situations in our life?

A step full of courage and a totally different life…

But we do not want to come out from the safe zone, because we have own fears & insecurities.

What if… at least I have…

If you do, there is a possibility but if you don’t do you’ll surely lose something. One day you will blame the God, people or situations for it.

“If life is made to be ruined, do not give others or circumstances a chance to, do it yourself.”

Its pleasure will be something else.

Yes, I did… This was my choice… My way…

“Once time risk is far better than lifetime repent.”

Try… Do… Build it… lose it… with the attitude:-

“I did it myself.”

“It was absolutely my choice.”

“I am responsible for…”

The sorrow of not trying is greater than losing without try.

Thank you!


Strengthen the weakness

How do you deal with criticism when someone taunts you for mistakes or criticizes your actions, habits or thoughts?

Basically, we have three options to face the criticism:-

  • Accept it
  • Justify it, or
  • Deny it

I think they all work and have enough potential to shut the mouth of critics.


Accept it: When you are not ready for a long fight. You decided to remain silent or just said, “yes, I have or I did.” with full confidence.

Justify it: When you think it is needed to justify your actions and thoughts. You have logics to prove yourself right.

Deny it: Simply with the thought of being always right. “I do not need your concern.” “Let me decide my next move.” “That’s not your business.” etc.

But one thing that matters a lot in every situation is your ‘Attitude’. It is a powerful tool to strengthen your all weaknesses.

When you feel empowered you can beat any problem, face any criticism and win in any situation.

Thank you!

Dare to desire

A very easy way to live your life happily is to live your dreams. We all have many dreams, no matter they can be fulfilled or not, but we can’t stop dreaming.

People do share their dreams and achievements with their family and friends.

A thing that comes beyond your dream is your imagination, fantasy and your desires.

You know that these desires can’t be fulfilled but your never stop thinking about them.

You can tell others all about your dreams but not about your desires. Saying about your all desires is not necessary, not at all. This is all about your choice.

First of all, we should identify our desires and the next important thing is to accept them. You should have dare to accept your desires. Those may be right or wrong for others but can help you a lot.

Your acceptance for your desires helps you in identifying who actually you are? They can lead you in changing your life by the identification of your inner strengths.

Good or bad, right or wrong but your desires are an integral part of your life & attitude.

You can’t run away from it. So, just go ahead and accept all things about you.

You are not the one who has such different type thoughts. But if you’re thinking about to live them, use your wisdom for better decision-making.

Your choice shouldn’t be harmful for others.

Thank you!