Draw the curtain

Man proposes, God disposes

We do always have plans to achieve our goals but many times we face failure in accomplishment of them. This makes us feel depressed or devastated.

We do often forget about the plan of the God and cry behind unexpected consequences.

Have you ever thought that you own could be a reason behind this?

Yes, this is true.

Because we sometimes put some restrictions or T&C’s for the process, happiness or achievements.

These all this & that, what & if or how & why, limit our process and perspective. Many times we just need to open ourselves to the world of opportunities & possibilities.

If we make our dreams and goals free from all restrictions, we can expect them coming true through many unexpected ways.”

Whatever you want to achieve, just believe and wait for the same or something better.

Thank you!

Causes behind happening

Why this happened to me?

Why I am feeling weird around somebody?

Why something irritates me?

When we do not get response from the universe according to our wish, we start blaming circumstances or people around for it.
Many people say it was their destiny or The god wants this for them.

“I do not believe in luck or destiny but I strongly believe that there is a cause behind every happening.”

We win or lose, meet several people, face many challenges in our lifetime.

But why?

Yes, why…

“Identify the ‘Why’ behind every ‘Is’ & unveil lots of opportunities floating within universe.”

The day when we’ll understand this, A new world full of hopes, believe and dreams will embrace us.

Thank you.

Do it yourself (Revisited)

In the post Do it yourself it is said,


It is not just an attitude but also a key to success in life.

‘Do it yourself’ mindset makes you feel more confident and reduces the tendency of dependency on others for the accomplishment of many important tasks.

“Start everything with Do it yourself mindset. You’ll never face failure in your life.”

Life is made to experience and explore every new thing. Keep learning new tasks, processes and activities.

Thank you!