Willingly or unknowingly, we all have adopted many bad addiction, routine and behavioral patterns.

Despite being aware about their impact and consequences we do not think seriously about such habits or simply ignore them.

Addictions arduous to afford,

Disastrous as double edged sword.”

They will either destroy or agitate us for any misdeed regarding self or others.

It’s better to keep our eyes on and take oath to relinquish such thoughts and actions.

Thank you.

27 thoughts on “Slayer swear

  1. “Addictions arduous to afford.”

    Yikes, that hurts. Arduous to afford emotionally or financially – and spiritually too. (I am thinking of something very personal here.) Very poignant poem.


  2. I have several addictions:
    But the worst one
    The worst one
    The one I have the most difficulty in managing….

    Falling in love

    I love falling in love

    But the hangovers are a real bitch
    (no pun intended)

    Your post is great
    Wanna marry me?
    Just kidding.



  3. Endorsing your statement adding that Habit is just like river which makes its way and washes away whatever comes its way either it is rose or thorn. There are two types of habits. Positive and negative. It completely depends on us which one we are adopting

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