Undoubtedly, we all know our religion. Since childhood we all believe on the beliefs of the community we born in and to have faith on the god particular mentioned in the religion.

The god is one.

We know it very well but the lord is not same for us. We call him by different names in different cultures.

Yes, the lord is not one for us.

We know him by the tales and the portraits presented by society to acknowledge the existence of the god.

We most of the time never question nor test anything associated with the religion.

Do you actually think just birth can make you religious or follower particularly?

I do not know about you. But we do not have any control on how, when or where we shall born but we have all the rights to know where we actually belong.

I am a believer but not religious.

This is all I understood in my lifetime.

Thank you.

(P.S – I have no intention to hurt your sentiments. I apologize if any single word here you feel is irrelevant.)

85 thoughts on “Believer but not religious

  1. I believe, but God and I are not seeing eye to eye much these days. I wonder all the time why He would put people through some of the things He allows to happen, when all He has to to is waive a hand and they would be handled. It just hurts to hurt sometimes, ya know? This was a great writing, and I appreciate your point of view.


  2. I agree with the person who commented that it is a mature view.

    I was going to throw out a curve ball of thought, but don’t really want to start a row in your comments section. So I’ll go do it on mine.


  3. God is about personal relationship not religion. God communicates with us all differently according to our own distinctions as he knows us to be. No one can tell anyone how to individually connect with God as he reaches us all within different ways. Not that there are any other different Gods because there is only one, but there are unique routes down to the only one true path.


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