Why do most of successful people have many bitter experiences before making it happen?

We often hear from successful people about their struggles and almost all of them feel broken or devastated at least once before all the achievements.

There could be many reasons:-

* Because the destiny testing them
* Because they do not have enough wisdom yet
* Because life is teaching them few lessons
* Because they are still not ready to move forward
* Because the development is in process
* Because the grand success is waiting for them

I think everything happens for a reason and we should learn from every phase of life. The next day will be more better if we finish our daily lessons today.

Stay thankful for everything in every situation.

If you are feeling broken, lost or devastated by the circumstances or people, perhaps you are going to be super successful soon.

โ€œDo not let the dark to spread the darkness covering glorious spark inside the dark mask of the darkness.โ€

Start congratulating yourself and smile๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you.

41 thoughts on “Dark illuminating spark

  1. Very interesting perspective on lifeโ€™s difficulties and relating them to success! I learned that all my difficulties werenโ€™t there to break me or punish me but were there to teach me things about myself I didnโ€™t realize, to develop skills and strength I needed. The universe puts us through a training regimen, like going to the gym and working out builds us up physically!

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  2. Thanks for the timely reminder! I shared this on my status and social media. In life we are constantly waiting to reach the next level of success when really we should be thankful for all the things we take for granted including good health, food, clothes and a roof over our head.

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