(Autumn special)

Golden jewels

Scattered on the earth

Melodious flutter

Shower of amour

Golden jewels

Induction of the mizzle

Momentum breeze

Ready to freeze

Golden jewels

Haze at the horizon

Spontaneous luster

Pink winter

18 thoughts on “Pink winter

  1. It is well written. I want to know two things:1. Why do you call it pink winter because it is more yellow just now as the leaves are shriveling & turning yellow.2. This would be open verse. Is there a meter that you have to follow in such poems? This is my personal curiosity as I am getting very interested in poems


    1. Thank you very much.😊
      Yeah, sure.
      1) I called it “Pink winter” because in the evening, whenever I close my eyes towards the sun to listen the smooth sound of wind, I do feel something ‘pink’ before my closed eyes. This season always brings me closer to the nature.🍂🍂
      2) I am not a professional writer. I even do not know about the forms of poetry. Whatever I write, straightly comes from my heart.
      I always use pen & paper before making it on media.
      I write the thoughts or just words and try to find out something meaningful.😊😊

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