Is life actually complicated or do we make it difficult to live?

Difficulties, complications or problems come in our life to test us, to make us more stronger. But our mindset and what we are doing equally matter a lot.

Many times, we do something just to get recognition, appreciation or reward. On the other hand, if we care about somebody/something in our life, we become unexpected. These all are the part of life.

There are few things people do unnecessarily, just do…

Such as:-

* Pretend to be rich

* Try to be like others

* Pretend to be too good

Yes, we all do any of this at least once or many times in our life.

These all seem okay to do but in depth, they kill us slowly because we often lose ourselves behind such fake exhibit of our appearance, lifestyle or traits.

Just take a moment & think about your actions again.

Is this genuinely you, or just an attempt to impress others?

Thank you

41 thoughts on “Ease of living

  1. I’m guilty! I’ve definitely done that before and your post could not have been more timely. I recently questions my career choice after some sort of judgement from my friends. After further thought, especially now with the pandemic, i realize how important it is to make our own choices. When we are separated from the rest of the world, that’s what matters most. Not how we measure up to others. Thank you for such insightful thoughts in your post.


    1. You know I made many unpredictable decisions in my life. Everybody judged them and tried to feel me bad.
      But I know in long term, they all will be beneficial.
      Everything happens for a reason- lesson or achievement. Both have own significance.
      You are welcome.😊


  2. We get trained at an early age to put on a fake smile, a fake exterior etc. Instagram and other social media amplify the messages 100-fold, so it takes great courage to live an authentic life! Kudos to everyone here who does!!

    Peace, Tamara


      1. πŸ˜‰ it takes courage not to conform, but also an acceptance of ourselves, for without it we seek acknowledgment, acceptance and permission from others, which can lead to controlling people taking advantage of that!

        Taking back our remote control that we’ve given to others is very liberating! 😍😍


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