Why this happened to me?

Why I am feeling weird around somebody?

Why something irritates me?

When we do not get response from the universe according to our wish, we start blaming circumstances or people around for it.
Many people say it was their destiny or The god wants this for them.

“I do not believe in luck or destiny but I strongly believe that there is a cause behind every happening.”

We win or lose, meet several people, face many challenges in our lifetime.

But why?

Yes, why…

“Identify the ‘Why’ behind every ‘Is’ & unveil lots of opportunities floating within universe.”

The day when we’ll understand this, A new world full of hopes, believe and dreams will embrace us.

Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Causes behind happening

  1. I’d love to recommend a book Think Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, (nobel prize, econimics in 2002) who except other things studies also these types of questions. Above all, this uncomfortable questions making us nervous are caused by our System 2 in our brain, which is responsible for our logical reasoning in contrast of System 1, that is responsible for our feelings. 😉


  2. Your thoughts kind of remind me of psalms written by King David of ancient Israel. (Psalms is a book of poems/songs in the Bible’s Old Testament. Life goes up and down, for sure. Weird things like our hair, the weather and what we had for lunch weigh in there with the huge life events. 🙂 But, God’s mercy is constant!

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  3. I have been going through a long stalemate in my life and there is a positive side to it. I have been able to see in more detail into a major problem I have. The longer I have waited the more God has revealed the truth about what is happening. I do not believe in meditation but spend a long time contemplating and praying. My soul loves to prayer this brings us closer to God. In contemplation we can hear God’s advice this is a time to ask a question and listen to the answer.

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  4. I’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs to find out WHY in the spiritual journey. I see it as a blessing whenever I feel like to ask WHY. It means that we’re aware of ourselves inside out, circumstances make us question our life purpose and why we’ll meet certain people in certain way, or someday you’ll see a pattern of it. Then answer will come. Try to balance our energy, not time. Release the doubts, worries, fears and pain to universe. Mindfulness Meditation will guide you to be still, listen to your intuitive feelings and the words that come into your mind after surrender the negativity. The answer will come, when we’re in alignments with the higher self.

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    1. When I wrote this article, I was not aware of spirituality. It’s a wonderful coincidence That I am feeling all the things explained by you.
      Yes, everything happens for a reason & also for betterment.

      Thank you.😊😊

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