What’s right


What’s wrong

Who will decide?

Right for me
Right for all

Wrong for others

Right for me

Right for me

Wrong for others

Wrong for me

Wrong for all

Right or wrong

Defined by convenience

Ethics, customs & beliefs

Modified for convenience

(Many times by most of us)

Do not blame others for their decisions or mindset and do not feel bad for your’s…

It’s just a matter of perception. Do not expect from everyone to think like you.

β€œYou can give your everything to others except your mindset and wisdom.”

Thank you.


45 thoughts on “Dual facade

  1. This is a fabulous philosphy to ponder… but the more I consider it, the more it seems a very empty way to live. Convictionless, beliefless, futile even… Mayhaps this is just my perception of your words and even life itself, but a life lived in this way seems to be one without true joy and fullfillment: ever searching but never satisfied.


      1. It might just be me, but the lack of an absolute right or wrong, (regardless of my subjections of right and wrong), seems to be what leads to mass killings, even suicide, depression, and the evil in humans running rampant.

        Facade is one thing, but to applaud moral relativism simply because of hypocrites chanting moral absolutes feels like flirting with darkness.


  2. Wow. I think you’ve summed up the American mindset in a single poem. I like your use of word spacing, as well. It perfectly conveys what you are saying.

    In spite of this insight, this seems like an exhausting way to live — just everybody re-inventing the wheel with every major life decision. Universal moral standards are out of vogue, but — when they are lived out in compassion and love — protect us and others from harm and free up a whole lot of thought time. πŸ™‚


  3. Somewhere in the universe there is a planet without sun and moon. What it means day and night. The same applies to the concepts right and strong. Thinking of a brain in a confined space. I like your posts! πŸ˜‰


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