What’s right


What’s wrong

Who will decide?

Right for me
Right for all

Wrong for others

Right for me

Right for me

Wrong for others

Wrong for me

Wrong for all

Right or wrong

Defined by convenience

Ethics, customs & beliefs

Modified for convenience

(Many times by most of us)

Do not blame others for their decisions or mindset and do not feel bad for your’sโ€ฆ

It’s just a matter of perception. Do not expect from everyone to think like you.

โ€œYou can give your everything to others except your mindset and wisdom.โ€

Thank you.

46 thoughts on “Dual facade

  1. There exist universal rights and wrongs based on anyoneโ€™s perception, among people and nature. There is such a thing as bad and good, order and chaos. People do have their own perception, but child molestation is wrong for all. Murder of innocent lives is wrong for all. Rape is wrong for all. Perception is distorted in the minds of the immoral so youโ€™re not completely wrong when youโ€™re suggesting right or wrong is a matter of perception, some perceptions are simply crooked. Very creatively written though, you are talented!


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