Our life revolves around few people, needs and wishes. It is difficult to say which one is most important to us.

Why do we need a companion?

* To interact

* To share thoughts/feelings

* To get help/assistance/guidance

* To live with/for

* To be happy/encouraged/blissful

& Many more reasons… yes, surely we need someone/somebody/something to make our life easy and meaningful.

“Nobody remains alone for lifetime, we all live with our dreams, desires and determinations.”

We need a companion for these or these all for companion. We need silence to assemble thoughts, darkness to relax, shadow to get relief from sunlight & sunlight to remove darkness.

(Loneliness in itself is a companion for many people.)

So, do not consider yourself lonely, you just need to identify your best companion.

Thank you!

59 thoughts on “Perfect mate

  1. It is interesting. Your post brought me back to several years ago when I was still single. I am not sure which one is harder, to be single and never married or to be divorced. IN any event, I wrote a post called “why do I need a man”. At the time, I had just entered this great time of my life that I was happy, content to be alone. I had accepted that I could live happily ever after, alone or married. Soon after that, I met someone


    1. Well, I have same thoughts about relationship this time.
      I am enjoying my life and patiencely waiting for that one special person.
      “The man of my dream”😍
      Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful experience. 😊


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