Pleasant rains

Left behind

Rainbow and mud.

In simple words,

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

~(Newton’s third law)

As rain brings both rainbow and mud, our all actions give outcomes; desired or unexpected, good or bad. If you want to enjoy rain and rainbow then you should be ready to walk through mud.


Comes with

Brightness and heat.

You do something for own happiness, that can be a cause of other’s worries. Your words of sympathy can make other’s angry.

Pretty roses

Wonderful beauty

Fragrance and thorns.

If you have desire to get something, you must have dare to accept and embrace it’s both sides.

“Beauty of life is in complimenting and completing each other’s imperfections and inabilities, not in competing for superiority.

If everyone will be perfect then why would we need each other.

Thank you!

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