High thinking, high living

In our childhood days teachers taught us- “simple living & high thinking.”

Our elders and ancestors are living their life in such a way since decades. They have believe in hard work. They feel satisfied if they earn limited coins and don’t have everything that you need for a luxurious life.

Is it right to follow this rule?

Many of us will say “yes”.

Now, I am trying to explore the other side of this quote.

Why should think high?

I do feel that nobody can be satisfied in the life. We always keep a long wishlist to be fulfilled. If we got one thing then we do attempt for the next. This is a continuous process.

We can’t get anything without thinking about that & we always want the things higher than what we already have.

“Only high thinking can motivate you to do everything that you need to live a desired life.”

“If you are satisfied with everything you have, there is nothing to do in your life.”

Sorry but this is true.

Without thinking high you are just surviving, not living your life.

Life is full of adventures but you should have dare to jump into it.

Thank you.

Trust or superstition

Trust is a simple word, easy to speak and very easy to break.This is a very broad concept. Many others already have written about it.

Today, I am trying to figure out a very thin line between trust and superstition. These superstitions may be in form of any belief, custom, religious believe, inner fear or some weird rumours.

This is not a new concept. Many superstitions come from our mythological stories associated with our religious beliefs.

I can’t give any remark on them because I don’t know too much about their existence.

But some superstitions are very strange, they actually haven’t any exact origin but we usually listen about them through other people. They are actually rumours but in a frightening way.

I feel surprised how people can believe & spread them. Even many of them tell us same story especially a frightening story.

Trust is very important for us. It makes us believe on god. It gives us a ray of hope but superstition on the other hand, mostly makes us feel insecured.

“Trust is the only weapon to outwit superstition.”

Without trust, you can’t overcome your fear.

At the end, I just want to say never believe on such rumours. Use your own intelligence to find out the truth.

Do not spread such fake stories.

Thank you!