In order to be fearless, I am constantly facing my fears. Not always but many times I do feel frightened.


  • I am insecure about my future.
  • I have fear of losing something or someone.
  • I am not emotionally strong.
  • I am fighting with my own immature thoughts.
  • I am facing challenges from my inner negativity.

In actual, we all face these kinds of fear in our daily life. We live in a world which is full of insecurities but our inner insecurity is superior among all of them.

Our fear mostly prevents us from doing various things which we can, if we conquer the fear.

Fear is the prime obstacle in every new start.

Being fearless is not easy but also not so difficult. We have to think beyond our insecurities.

You have to focus on your possibility to be successful. If you keep your all attention on your target you will not have time for thinking about those fears.

A confident step towards your goals can make your fear least.

Thank you!

49 thoughts on “Chasing my fear..

  1. I’m agree with you that fear is the main “stop”! I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I think (based on my experience only) that the problem is not lack of courage or braveheart.
    Here you need a strong confidence that thing you will do – will be true and useful universally and do no harm.


  2. Fear is one of the primal emotions prevalent on this planet. So naturally is natural to be afraid. But not letting your fears take ahold of you is important, like how you discussed here


      1. I strongly believe that many things in life we can’t understand just by reading or listening about them from others.
        In such cases, only experience can change our mindset.


  3. That’s really a terrific thought.
    I totally agree with you that everyone is fearful in this darkened world. Accepting it is very important.
    An optimistic outlook to overcome fear and spring our wings to enter this beautiful sky, and become fearless is what we need. It could be cumbersome, but once we conquer our minds, nothing is impossible. 🙂


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