We often listen the quote Never give up. Many people say that giving up shouldn’t be an option in life. You must keep trying until you succeed.

Is this equitable for everyone in every situation?

What if you are chasing something wrong or it is not good for you at all? Would you still do that?

Give up instantly also has its value in our life. There are many things we do or choose but later we change our opinion about them. In such cases, we can’t keep holding our decisions.

How to decide between?

Don’t give up; If

  • It is good for you and all.
  • You & only your efforts can make it happen for you.
  • It motivates you to work hard to get more.
  • It enhances your knowledge, skills and experience.
  • It really makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Give up instantly; If

  • It is dangerous, harmful or against law.
  • It makes you feel shameful or guilty.
  • You feel this is not for you or you are at the wrong.
  • It interrupts the development and crucial changes within you & your life.
  • You need support or approval of others at your every step for next move.

Just remember, life is more than the few words written or said by others, you have your own wisdom to decide.

Thank you!

83 thoughts on “Never give up/ Give up instantly

  1. This was a really insightful post. A different dimension you have discussed of never giving up. And so right you are. The suggestions to recognise are well thought out. Really loved it…🖖✌👏👍👍👍:-)


  2. Very good food for thought. I guess we could add, Never Start At All, or Plan To Never Begin. It is often so much harder to give up once you’ve started than it is to never start at all. Planning to Never Begin helps us in situations when something is thrust on us unexpectedly and an instant decision is required. If we have a plan for our decision before we’re in the situation. It will help. Like your blog. I am struggling to read any of the other comments though because of the colour. The text fades in to the background, so I am sorry if I have said the same thing as someone else.


    1. This is someone’s own way to handle problems. Never start at all, this is quite difficult as we human have curiosity about everything. We often love to take risks to challenge our limits. Yes, there are few cases in which we can apply it.
      Thank you so much for informing me about the problem in reading comments. Now, you will be able to read all the comments from other readers.
      Not at all, every reader & their views are important for this blog. We respect & appreciate your each word.
      Thank you very much.😊


      1. Yes I agree, our curiosity does make it hard, but there is a place for it like you say in some cases, I think your original two nevers are the main two. Thanks for fixing the comments!


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