( My aim is not to make anyone feel bad. I am only discussing my personal views.)

After waking up in the morning, I do always check my mobile phone. I receive a lot of ‘good morning’ messages everyday from my friends & others. This has became a ‘modern ritual’.

I have too many well wishers in my phone’s contact list. I do think they take it as duty to wish me ‘good morning’ everyday.

They know well that my day will not be good if they don’t do this.

However, they never helped me or tried to know my problems.

I realize that wishing someone a ‘good morning’ can not make their day good but yes, this will waste your and other’s time in sending messages and replying them.

The morning time is very important for doing other important works, I can’t spend my time for this formality.

Your day will be good or not, It totally depends on your acts and attitude. Wishes from others for a good day can’t change it.

So I have decided not to reply such messages. At least I can save my few minutes for myself.

Thank you!

17 thoughts on “Modern ritual (satire)

  1. Sometimes even I get annoyed by these morning texts, and messages drafted and sent. I mean once in a while is fine, but then sending it every single day is annoying. More so when the person sending you messages is no more in touch with you, has no inclination of coming to help you or talk to you when needed.


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