Chasing my fear..

In order to be fearless, i constantly facing my fears. I am not a chicken- hearted person but many time i do feel frightened.


  • I am insecure about my future.
  • I have fear of losing something or someone.
  • I am not emotionally strong.
  • I am fighting with my own immature thoughts.
  • I am facing challenge from my inner negativity.

In actual, we all face these kinds of fear in our day to day life. We live in a world which is full of insecurities but our inner insecurity is superior among all of them.

Our fear mostly prevents us from doing various things which we can, if we conquer the fear.

Fear is the prime obstacle in every new start.

Being fearless is not easy but also not so difficult. We have to think beyond our insecurities.

You have to focus on your possibility to be successful. If you would keep your all attention on your Target you will haven’t time for thinking about those fears.

A confident step towards your goals can make your fear very least.

Thank you!


Never give up/ Give up instantly

We often listen the quote “Never give up”. Many people say that giving up shouldn’t be an option in life. You must keep trying until you succeed.

Is this equitable for everyone in every situation?

What if you are chasing something wrong or it is not good for you at all? Would you still do that?

Give up instantly” also has its value in our life. There are many things we do or choose but later we change our opinions about them. In such cases, we can’t keep holding our decisions.

How to decide between?

Don’t give up; If

  • It is good for you and all.
  • You & only your efforts can make it happen for you.
  • It motivates you to work hard to get more.
  • It enhances your knowledge, skills and experience.
  • It really makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Give up instantly; If

  • It is dangerous, harmful or against law.
  • It makes you feel shameful or guilty.
  • You feel this is not for you or you are at the wrong.
  • It interrupts the development and crucial changes within you & your life.
  • You need support or approval of people at your every step to take the next step.

Just remember, life is more than the few words written or said by others, you have your own wisdom to decide.

Thank you!

Social standard of beauty 

Beauty is the word that we often use in our day to day life. In actual, we all use this word to indicate the things that we like utmost.

Every person has its own point of view to see everything. It may be different from others.

But we all live in a society that is really obcessed with fair race. Surprisingly we all use some lines for the people who are not fair like;

  • True beauty is the goodness of your heart.
  • A pretty face is nothing if you have an ugly heart.
  • It is not necessary that every good looking person is good by heart.
  • Pureness of your soul defines your beauty.

But the question is the people who used to say all this

Are they really think like that?

I do think people primarily see your outer beauty. Everyone may not be interested to know the real beauty of you. But if you are attractive then they will surely come to know you more.

Every person irrespective of their outer feature and race should be confident on their good heart, inner beauty and talent.

Confidence is the key for all people who considered imperfect by others to realize that they also deserve everything like them.

Thats doesn’t matter what others think about you but what you think yourself is the real you.

You can’t be perfect for everyone but you are perfect for yourself in your desired perspective.

If you are beautiful in your eyes, then you would be more attractive than others.

At the end, i want to say just forget what others think about you. Those who are judging you, they don’t have ability to recognize your beauty.

Be happy for what you have because this is more than other’s.

Thank you!