As I always say- respect yourself.

Accept yourself.

Today, I want to add few more things. The most important things are:-

  • Be yourself.
  • Identify yourself.
  • Create yourself.
  • Satisfy yourself.
  • Make happy yourself.

You are the first love of you.
Many people can think that I am suggesting you to be selfish.

Not at all, I do not have such intentions. I just want to say one thing;

Be honest with yourself.

Whatever you are doing, are you really happy with it?

You are doing this because:-

  1. This is your responsibility.
  2. To make others happy.
  3. You have made promise for this.
  4. You have some expectations.

Thinking about other’s happiness is good, but not on the cost of your own happiness and self-respect.

You can make others happy only if you are happy.

Being of yourself is not a matter of selfishness. It is only to live with yourself, for yourself.

Others can’t do for you what you can do for yourself.

Thank you!


40 thoughts on “My priority is “myself”

      1. Being myself has taken a long time. I have had to learn – people will like me for who I am . If they do not then I have nothing to lose for sure. Many of us desire to be accepted and not alone. Thing is when I did not always be me, I knew deep down it was not a good way to be. I felt cheated somehow because the real me was better than the not so real. Anyway all that to say I have decided to just be who I am.


  1. What a good thought to take the time for self-examination. We gets o used to doing what we’re doing without even thinking about why or how it affects us. Thanks for the reminder!
    And thanks for the like at DailyBiblePrayer! I pray you will get your personal identity form God, your Creator, and allow Him room in your life to prioritize your time and energy. Keep using the gift He’s given you to write and reach people! God bless your week. Laura


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