A proper balance of rigidity and flexibility is needed in life. Be strong on your decisions but you should be open to adopt further changes.

Rigidity makes you feel more stronger, confident and motivated. This is the reflection of your inner strength- how strongly you can deal with the difficulties.

Flexibility, however is not the opposite of stability. This is:-

” I know….. I am sure…… But this is not bad to listen/understand others. This can be much better….”

In simple words, you are ready to learn and embrace new things.


Rigidity:- being stable on your thoughts, perception and decisions.

Flexibility:- being aware of changes & having dare to accept them.

We all have both characteristics but only few of us know how to employ them. People who use both efficiently, they will surely get success in their life.

Thank you!

25 thoughts on “Rigid vs. Flexible

  1. I like your idea that we all have both qualities, but few know how to use them effectively. Even the best of us on their best days still do that imperfectly.


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