My priority is “myself”

As I always say- respect yourself.

Accept yourself.

Today, I want to add few more things. The most important things are:-

  • Be yourself.
  • Identify yourself.
  • Create yourself.
  • Satisfy yourself.
  • Make happy yourself.

You are the first love of you.
Many people can think that I am suggesting you to be selfish.

Not at all, I do not have such intentions. I just want to say one thing;

Be honest with yourself.

Whatever you are doing, are you really happy with it?

You are doing this because:-

  1. This is your responsibility.
  2. To make others happy.
  3. You have made promise for this.
  4. You have some expectations.

Thinking about other’s happiness is good, but not on the cost of your own happiness and self-respect.

You can make others happy only if you are happy.

Being of yourself is not a matter of selfishness. It is only to live with yourself, for yourself.

Others can’t do for you what you can do for yourself.

Thank you!

Quest of life (poetry)

(Not for perfection seeker)

Life endeavors,

Quest a place,

To survive.

Swirled thoughts,

Stagnanted moments,

Arduous to decide.

Restless comforts,

Delightful lament,

Deceased to revive.

Life endeavors,

Quest a dwelling,

To secure fear.

Tangled desires,

Deceitful shadow,

Anonymous terror.

Echoes of silence,

Serenity among vocalic,

Solitude ensure.

Life endeavors,

Quest a place,

Full of effulgence.

Infinite victory

Problems aren’t a definite sign of failure, But the fear of failure is. Fear is an integral characteristic of human that can’t be eliminated. There are two options:-

  • Live the fear, or
  • Face the fear

We know which one is best option but this is quite difficult for many of us to choose that.


This is our intrinsic feeling that develops with the lack of inner strength. That means we aren’t determined enough or have doubt on our abilities.

In addition to this, we have tendency to lose hope too early. In such situation, we blame others or fate but actually we are just one step away from our victory.

Victorious step:-

Say to yourself,“Get up”.

“I am ready to take any challenge from life. Every time with every problem, I’ll grow more stronger. They have no power to bring me down.”

Not only say, do it. This would bring a significant change in your life.

Thank you!