“What people will say….”

“Do it because others are doing”

“Don’t do this, this will spoil our reputation”

We all have been hearing such phrases since childhood. This is the society that stands behind us or we stand behind it. That’s doesn’t matter, but surely it matters for us.

This is not easy to live against the society’s wish. But I know many people who did and later that society appreciated them for their act.

This is just a perception “what people will think” but in actual people don’t have time for it unless you tell them your plans.

Society’s wish is not obligation but self-realization is must.”

If you have fear of society in doing something, then remember even if you don’t do anything, they surely will blame you to do nothing.

Hence, If you think you are right at your, then don’t care about the society. Don’t lose a chance to make your life better because of them.

If you are feeling disturbed by people around you, raise your living standard instead of self change.

Thank you!


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