Have you ever thought:-

  • Why some people have positive and some have negative thoughts for you?
  • Why you are too close to your friends?
  • Why you hate strongly the person you don’t know much about?
  • Why do you feel attraction for a stranger?

Every person has different attributes both positive and negative. Some people notice your good qualities while others aren’t, so they keep different opinions for you.

Our friends are our best mates because we all have somewhat same characteristics.

You hate or feel disturbed by a person, perhaps he/she has traits different from you.

You feel attracted towards a stranger apart from personality and look, It can be their inner power or energy, positive or negative, complementary to you.

Sometimes, we complain that people have been changed or the goodness has been lost among us; but this is not true at all.

Whenever, you feel broken or disappointed you attract negativity. Hence, you encounter with more negative people and situations.

We have everything within us. This is your outlook that decides what will you get.

Think positive, be positive.’

This is the best solution for all problems. So, Be positive and attract god towards you.

Thank you!

69 thoughts on “Evil attracts devil

  1. Easy to test on the face of it – pick two random people in your life. Think unpleasant things about one of them and pleasant things about the other one for a week and then see how they respond to you. Practically, it’s not so difficult because you may have built up an account of positivity (or negativity) with those people. Maybe then you should pick two total strangers that have fallen into your life. But then again, maybe you have accounts from other births (if you believe that sort of thing).
    I know what – just skip the experiments and just be nice to everyone. 🙂
    Nice article – thanks for sharing.


  2. Man ever remained in conflict; of love and hate, right and wrong, evil and good, positive or negative, even the conflict ends with death. Impressions left behind. Rest of the world remembered and survived with impressions. Let’s go to step up for impressions so positive in sense.😎

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      1. Appreciation goes to you for your feelings from the core of your heart. Adds that things have been going on, and will have too, without any hinderances. Under the perspective, we are to unanimously make opt to them for the purpose and intents to make them positive, by pushing back our lust. Lust ever compelled the man to commit things out of normal course of action. The same is negative. The negative is wrongs. The wrongs are crimes. To survive with crimes means to leave impressions fatal to characters of men, astonishingly hit the peace of society. The disorder is hillariously leads us to war. In present context, world is at proxy wars, just due to trust deficiency and due to material interests (Lust). Let’s go to condemb it and make normal and peaceloving place on the planet just like Heaven.😎


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