Attraction or distraction

Being attracted towards something or someone is a common attribute of human.We want to achieve every desired thing in the life.

Attraction & distraction comes together but it is difficult to identify the relationship between them.

“One thing that looks attractive, can distract us from the another.”

It seems weird but if you think deeply you can easily understand it.

You can’t stop yourself to be attracted by them but it is necessary to identify the causes behind this. Things of attraction may be useful or harmful, good or bad for you.

If you realize that this attraction is diverting you from something good, try to leave it.

Keep yourself attracted towards love, mercy, helping others and self improvement.

“Your better future depends on your best decisions.”

Don’t lose your goodness for few improper attractions. They can distract you from something better you deserve.

Thank you!

Passion vs. distraction

Human brain has limitless capacity but needs rest for rejuvenation. People usually follow their hobbies to reduce stress and feel refreshed.

The time you have for yourself is very important. You can utilize it efficiently while trying to eliminate fatigue.

Passion: you did+learned+enjoyed+feeling great.

Distraction: you did+learned+enjoyed+feeling regret.

In simple words, you enjoyed an act, found it useful and want to do again and again. This is the passion.

On the other hand, you enjoyed your act, want to do it frequently but every time you feel regretful for wastage of time. That means you are distracted by this work.

Hence, think about the result/lesson of your work and try to utilize your time wisely.

Thank you!

Happiness forever

Sadness addiction (Revisited)

In sadness addiction, I wrote:-

“You can’t control your problems but can control the amount of your attention towards them.”

Just removal of sadness doesn’t ensure the happiness. You can never be happy If you associate your happiness with:-

  • Your achievements
  • Other’s actions
  • Expectations of self or others
  • Negative happening (loss/harm of others)
  • Out of reach luxuries

If you get what you want or someone fulfills your expectations, you can be happy for a while but not forever.

You can be happy forever if you:-

  • Make yourself and others free from expectations
  • Remove conditions for being happy
  • Choose forgiveness instead of anger and revenge.
  • Give equal importance to the world exists inside you (Mind, heart,soul and physical body) like this outer world.
  • Don’t try to control everything/everyone around you.
  • Have learned the tactics of let the things go and move on.

Never depend on the others or few objects for your happiness. Do everything what makes you happy.

Never hesitate to say ‘no’. The people who really care for you would never mind, but If they do that means your happiness & decisions don’t matter for them.

Never feel bad if someone criticize or hurt you. This is a part of life.

Whenever you feel extreme grief or depression, suppose you are a free soul wandering around freely.

Just as a soul, what you need to be happy?

………… Only peace & peace.

Thank you!