Just a moment

Life is full of moments, memories and experiences. You want to remember or forget some of them. But you have to live with all of them.

The outcome of your actions somewhere affects you and your life. People often take some unwanted decisions in such situations.

Actually, this is just a moment in which they decide.

A moment of weakness :-

When you think, “nothing is left in life”, ” I have lost all”, “no hope at all”.

Standing on height to jump. Closed eyes. Ready to take first & last step, At the edge…

A moment for strength:-

You need a moment for strength to think, ” this is not the wrost thing”, “no end at all”, “every problem has a solution”, “never give up” etc.

At the edge…. opened eyes and took back your step. Irregular heart beats but feeling safe. Relaxing breathe.

This all was just a moment, nothing else. If you finished at weakness, it is ‘the end’ But if you feel strong this is a ‘new start’.

Thank you!