The concept of destiny, fate or luck is real or not I don’t know. But i have strong believe in work with objective.

Life is like a journey and you have to set a target(an aim) and several milestones(goals) to create your own destiny.

Fate is the outcome of efforts, good or bad depends on your action.”

Today’s good act would bring a better tomorrow.

You can’t sit idle and expect a bright future on the basis of luck.

Nothing will come to you own if you are not working passionately to achieve. You are the creator of your destiny. So, believe in yourself not in fate.

Hence, rely on hard work and your wisdom. If you don’t have any target, you will never get a desired happy life.

Thank you!


40 thoughts on “No destiny without destination

  1. Love the reminder to take small steps to reach the destiny you want.
    I love the journey of life and know it won’t happen all at once, which is why these little steps and actions you talk about are so important.


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