Addiction, obsession or passion used to signify a person’s excessive inclusion into the acts that they have utmost desire to do. They can never say ‘no’ for their addicting acts. 

Strong determination is mandatory to achieve expected results and it is not bad to be addictive with your work. But obsession may be a reason of depression because a happy life seeks an appropriate balance between rest and stress. 

 Desire of being addicted for the obsession of passion, distracts inner peace, desperates anxiety and stimulate causes of depression.”

Follow your passion but keep secure you some time for yourself, family and relaxation. 

Enjoy a peaceful life, feel refreshed after the rest and live your passion without any restless obsession.  

Thank you!


21 thoughts on “Obsession of passion

  1. Passion followed by realistic & positive approach will definately leads to success whereas obsession for anything is endless so its always better to take passion less with obsession.

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