Angriness/aggressiveness- an expression for the feeling of being irritated, unhappy, dissatisfied, unfavourable, uncomfortable that comes from unexpected happening.

Anger is a very strong emotion. You can’t eliminate but can control it.

How to control anger?

  • If you are angry with another person, avoid unnecessary conversation.
  • If you are angry with any bad happening, try to accept it or think how you can fix it.
  • If you are angry with yourself, be busy with the things that can make you happy.
  • If you are angry for your past actions, again go for a better solution.
  • If you are angry with bad results, remember this is not the end. Next time, try to do something better.
  • If you are angry with your pets, remember they learn from you and do the same.
  • At last, accept this fact that you can’t control everything or everyone if, then start with controlling your anger.

β€œAnger is a form of inner energy, dangerous but sweetly manageable.”

Control your anger by controlling your thoughts for a while.

If you are feeling angry, freeze your anger for few seconds and be relaxed. Then, think again about the reason for your anger and take a correct decision.

Thank you!


49 thoughts on “Dangerous anger

  1. When we are angry, we hold our breath. So a good place to begin when you are angry is to just start breathing, slowly and deeply.
    Thank you for starting a discussion on anger. Everyone has felt it and we all can learn some new tools on how to let it go.


  2. I agree. My dear Grandfather told me often. If you have nothing good to say. Say nothing. Negative words and actions can create permanent separation. Keep your anger outside my home. My home is for love.


  3. interesting post. Some friends and I have a theory that anger is actually a false emotion. It is solely triggered by fear. The experiment we used was to try to think of the last 10 times you were really angry and then to identify what led to the anger. The majority of us concluded that there was always a fear: fear of loss, fear of embarrassment, fear for safety, etc.
    Something to think about.

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  4. I sometimes find anger is the time when I am most productive creatively. I channel it. But when you’re angry with someone and you work together, well that’s where your advice helps a lot!


  5. When I became aware of how sly anger was a lot of my effort went into stopping it before it gained momentum. It wants you to think that it has to be released to be satisfied. It wants you to trick you into hurting others and yourself. The trick for me was to become hyper aware of when I started to feel any incling of rage. I separated myself from that feeling. It’s not who you are. Don’t treat it as such. Anger is an intruder. It doesn’t exist in us naturally.


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