Criticism is another important part of life. you definitely have to face it, no matter what you are doing or not doing but can’t escape from criticism.

This can be blessing or phobia for people because everyone has own way to deal with it.
How to take criticism positively?

  • Identify the points of criticism
  • Analyze the points of criticism
  • Discover reasons behind it
  • Improve your performance accordingly
  • Be thankful to your critics

This is the simple and sober way to face them.

Now, the next question is;

How to shut the mouth of your critics?

First of all, accept the fact that

  • You can’t make all of them satisfied at a time.
  • You do not work for pleasing others.
  • Nobody is perfect.


  • Never accept your imperfections or fault.
  • Avoid direct argument.
  • Present your good image.
  • Improve yourself secretly.
  • Focus on your targets.
  • Enjoy & share your achievements with all.

Never feel stressed over the judgement of others. They are just doing their work. Cope with them wisely not angrily.

Every successful person in this world has critics. So, if you have then you also going to be successful. They are talking about you while they are too busy themselves, this is also a big achievement for you.

Thank you!

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