Chain of promise

At the end of this year, i want to say something to all my friends and readers. After reading my posts, someone asked me- 

How to make world beautiful? 

How to create your own world?

Let’s create a beautiful world of our dream. Start with creating a chain of promise- A promise for help.

Promise yourself that you will help every person who seeks it from you even if they can’t help you back. Just remember,

  • You are capable of helping others 
  • God wants this from you
  • This will give you extreme happiness
  • You are guiding them towards helping others.


if they can’t help you back, surely help them if possible. And in return take a promise from them that they’ll also help others according to their potential.

This is very simple to make world beautiful. You just need to take an initiative and leave rest for the universe.

Thank you!


Constant change

Change is important, change is constant.

 We do frequently face many physical and emotional changes in our entire life.Some people find these changes easily adoptable while other’s doesn’t agree with them.

  • Regret- people feel regretful when the change in their emotions and mind makes them depressed about their past actions and decisions.

       You should accept that the decisions you made, was correct according to that situation. Must remember, making mistakes is better for learning and the experience you got is best guide. So, be careful in future and stop feeling regretful.

  • Conflict- conflicts with the people who once was agree with you but not now because of your changed thoughts.

        This is very usual. avoid unnecessary interaction and keep focus on your work. Don’t argue until you feel this is last option.

Accept the changes in a good manner and learn to deal with them in such a way which is highly significant. 

Life is interesting because of these changes otherwise it would be only black & white type, so beware of mistakes that can fade it.

Thank you!

Thoughtful freedom

Freedom is not only need but important for life. Without freedom life is just a hell.

People want to enjoy the freedom;

  • From their routine life.
  • From inner conflicts.
  • From stressful responsibilities.
  • From irritating relations
  • From bitter experiences

These all are important for a happy life but there are many people who want freedom to do everything they want either good or bad.

Meaning of freedom for them is to be free from all restrictions, traditions and other boundaries.

 “Real freedom is when you are not forced to do something you don’t want, not in doing everything you want.”

Simply, you are free if you are not forced by others to act on their wish. 

You can’t get absolute freedom in this world but your inner satisfaction have a sense of it. Live your freedom but never take it wrong.

Make decisions with your wisdom. 

Thank you!