Communication is a core element of human life. You can’t stay without saying anything for a long time. Selection of words and the way you represent your thoughts is also a subject of consideration.

 It becomes more difficult how to take a stand against your opponents generously. 

You can win others if you choose your words intellectually.

Be expressive with your words but not aggressive.”

Magic is not for all, but magical words. They can vanish your opposers immediately.”

Not only words, your way of talking is also more important. For example-It depends on you how to introduce your grandmother 

  • She is my grandma.” Or
  • She is the mother of my father.”

That is totally your choice. Be kind, humble, right and logical. Oppose others in a way like

  • You’re right but….
  • I can do it…. Only 
  • It may be…. By mistake.

First of all, listen them carefully then give your reaction accordingly.

Thank you!


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