Truth is bitter” why people say this, I don’t know. Yes, sometimes it may be bitter but not always. In fact, some truths make our life joyful and exciting.

I think nowdays not truth but trust has became bitter. Trust on somebody, is very difficult and risky task.

Trust becomes strong when it takes time for blossom. It makes life beautiful and gives you an inner strength.

“Trust is bitter with wrong person, but with the right it will be pleasant.

“Trust on someone is a matter of choice, but can be a reason of pain or rejoice.”

Trust everyone, but not blindly unless you feel sure that the other person is right to.

Do not trust easily but you can pretend like you trust everyone. You can examine trust through many ways.

Never lose a relationship just because of your suspicion. Take right decisions at the right time. You can lose or get a person but it would be better for your life.

Thank you!

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