“I am very sad.”

“I am feeling depressed.”

“I am going to die.”

“I am not happy with my life.”

“Leave me alone.”

These all phrases we often use whenever feel sad but don’t know the reasons behind it.

Sadness is a feeling that you dislike most but can’t stop yourself from being sad.

Being sad is not wrong but it is definitely wrong to be sad every time when you feel something is wrong, unfavourable or uncomfortable.

“Sadness & happiness aren’t absolute choice but can change entire choice.”

We do think about sadness more than happiness and become addicted to overthinking. This is the main reason why we do always talk about our problems.

“You can’t control your problems but can control the amount of attention towards them.”

I am not suggesting you to avoid your problems but equal importance should be given to the happiness & sadness in life.

Do not give your problems a chance to steal your happiness. Try to get rid of this addiction of sadness.

Don’t give up your smile. This is more valuable than your all problems. Make yourself free from the prison of sadness.

Your life would be more beautiful.

Thank you!


59 thoughts on “Sadness addiction

  1. Sadness is supposed to be transient, so do other emotions. Yet, one caught in the whirlwind of sadness and sucked into the vortex, one can’t seem to fight against it. Your post has logical sense but it the execution of the suggestions which is challenging.


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