Bitter trust

“Truth is bitter” why this is said, I don’t know. Yes, sometimes it may be bitter but not always. In fact, some truths in our life are very  awesome.

I think nowdays not truth but trust has became bitter. Trust on someone is very difficult and risky.

Trust become stronger when it takes time for blossom. It makes life beautiful and provides you an inner strength. 

Trust is bitter with wrong person, but with right one it would definitely be sweeter.”

Trust on someone is a matter of choice, but can be a reason of pain or rejoice.”

Trust everyone, but not blindly until you make sure that other person is right.

Don’t trust easily but you have to pretend like you trust everyone. You can examine your trust by many ways. 

Never lose your relationship because of your suspicion. Take right decisions at the right time. You can lose or get a person but it would be better for your life.

Thank you!


Beautifully imperfect

Perfection- what is the exact definition of perfection?

I don’t know. But it is different for all. Unfortunately, everyone seeks perfection in others while they are not perfect themselves. 

Nobody can be perfectly perfect. This is a universal truth but not accepted by all. 

Your imperfections make you different from others. You can attempt to do better and it must be done. But never lose your confidence because of them. 

Perfection seeks appreciation but imperfection only acceptation.”

You need other’s remark to be perfect but you don’t need other’s opinion for your imperfection, you know them all.

Stop being perfect for the standards decided by others. They haven’t been made for you.Talent and capacity of every person is different.

Being imperfect is not much bad. It may be a new invention, new way to complete your task. 

Engage your mind in creating a positive world. Stop blaming others for their imperfection you also one of them.

Be happy with yourself.

Thank you!

Modern ritual (satire)

( My aim is not to make anyone feel hurted. I am only discussing my personal views.)

After waking up in the morning, I always check my mobile phone. I receive a lot of ‘good morning’ messages everday from my friends & others. this have been became a ‘modern ritual’.

 I have too many well wisher in my phone’s contact list. I do think they take it as duty to wish me ‘good morning’ everyday. 

They perfectly know that my day will never be good if they don’t do this.😃😃

Even they didn’t helped me ever.This doesn’t really work, especially for me.

I realized that wishing someone a good morning can never make their day good.

But yes, this will waste your and other person’s time in sending messages and replying to them.

The morning time is very important for doing other important works, I can’t spend my time for this modern ritual.

Your day will be good or not, it depends on your act and attitude. Wishing from others for a good day can’t change it. 

So I have decided not to reply such messages. At least I can save my few minutes for myself.

Thank you!