Every person want to be successful. While they know about their limits but always try to work hard to get more & more.

Being successful is pretty awesome because everyone would appreciate you at that moment. 

But they never want to know your efforts. 

How many time you tried.

How many time you losed your hope.

How many time you felt discouraged.

How many time you face failure.

And the most important thing;

How you handled your failure?

Being failure is not rare. we all have been failed many time, but feel ashamed in discussing our failure. 

We have fear that if, then everyone would laugh and taunt on us. 

They work hard to get success. If not succeed in one attempt then try again and again. 

But not all of us have dare to discuss our failure. Only one thing is to be understood that

There is no value of any success if you don’t know the possibility of failure.”

People have fear of failure, but they don’t know that they have more experience of that work. 

Being failure is not a nightmare, this is a proof of your attempt.”

Don’t be shy if you haven’t got desired outcomes.

We all are failure in different ways. 

Everyone can’t get everything in their life. There is always something ” to achieve” in our list. 

We can only attempt & work hard. That always be fruitful.

Thank you!


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