Feeling alone among crowd is a very common phenomenon. This feeling makes people sad because they thinks that there is nobody who cares about them.

We all usually feels this many time in our life. Actually, we expect a lot of things from others and if those expectations are nof fulfilled it depress us. 

It is adviced that you need a friend, family or any loved one to be happy. But everyone is not so lucky in this world, especially those who are alone or being cheated by someone. 

Sometimes,we meet such type of people those gives us bad experiences. This makes us to feel that loneliness is better than being with wrose people. 

This drives us to enjoy our own company, we know ourself better than somebody else. Thats is true. 

To be lonely is not a big problem, the main problem is in dealing with your changing emotions. 

Best way to deal with your loneliness is to think about the things that makes you happy. Simply learn to stand for yourself and to utilize your this loneliest time in exploring your hidden traits that may lead you in making your life happy. 

It is a very good opportunity for you to refresh your mind and to nourish your soul with some new exciting ideas. 

Thank you!


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